Dorothee Bär

The German sustainability strategy is based on two principles: 1) use the numerous opportunities of digitization for sustainability 2) avoid risks to people and the environment. Hawa Dawa provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses to reduce air pollution.

Prof. Dr. Heike Hölzner

The Hawa Dawa solution covers a broad range of appliciations from transport and mobility to urban planing and real estate to health and creates immediately actionable insights for these use cases.

City of Meschede

With the Hawa Dawa Sentience Air Quality Measurement devices, we have been able to gain a clear picture of the urban air quality in Meschede. The comprehensive report highlights time patterns, which are a great basis to develop actual countermeasures for improving our air quality.



Air quality is one of the biggest challenges facing urban areas. The future of air quality monitoring could be influenced by the winner of this year’s BMVi Digital Transport Challenge: Hawa Dawa has the relevant tools with which to support political decision-makers with future planning.

Climate & Clean Air Coalition

By making air pollutants, such as ground-level ozone and black carbon, visible Hawa Dawa increases our ability to reduce their impact on health and the climate.

Royal College of Physicians

Measuring individual exposure to individual pollutants would be worth gold.


The cooperation with Hawa Dawa has enabled us to validate important assumptions and provide a service which has a profound impact on smart city planning processes