Mainzer Stadtwerke AG

Hawa Dawa’s implementation-strong, result- and customer-oriented way of working, as well as the quick reaction time to any concerns and uncertainties. In this way, the scepticism towards new approaches could be reduced and a very good cooperation could be guaranteed. 

Helmholtz Munich

We chose Hawa Dawa because the company enjoys a good reputation overall and we ourselves have already had good experiences with this company from a previous collaboration. Above all, the stability of the measurement system, the data quality and the associated scientific preparation of the data are important to us.

HERE Technologies

As air quality is relevant for truly everyone, we’re excited to see Hawa Dawa joining the ever-growing list of companies offering their data on the HERE Marketplace which is becoming the one-stop shop for location-based assets in the industry. By having access to real-time pollutant data from Hawa Dawa, developers, data scientists, and business analysts can build and enhance products and services to benefit our health, the environment, and even the economy.

Transport for Cairo

Hawa Dawa is one of the most inspiring clean technology companies out there. With their IoT hardware and AI-enabled software, they bring the best of modern tech to our most pressing problem today: urban air quality and climate change. At TfC, we are always on the lookout for technologies and solutions that can tackle the developing cities challenges at disruptively competitive costs and Hawa Dawa’s tech just takes air quality measurement and management to an entirely new level.

Thies Clima

We are pleased to contribute with our high-quality measurement technology to Hawa Dawa’s ability to generate even more meaningful data for this increasingly important local air quality measurement.

City of Seelze

Especially for smaller to medium-sized cities, such as the city of Seelze, it is indispensable to have up-to-date information about the local air quality, despite a lack of public measuring stations. Hawa Dawa convinced particularly with its competent consulting. Furthermore, the joint project work was straightforward, friendly, and easy.

City of Ulm

Hawa Dawa impresses with its expert advice. The willingness to face any questions from the administration and the public and to take the perspective of the counterpart with understanding is important for the acceptance in our project.

Dorothee Bär

The German sustainability strategy is based on two principles: 1) use the numerous opportunities of digitization for sustainability 2) avoid risks to people and the environment. Hawa Dawa provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses to reduce air pollution.

Prof. Dr. Heike Hölzner

The Hawa Dawa solution covers a broad range of appliciations from transport and mobility to urban planing and real estate to health and creates immediately actionable insights for these use cases.

City of Meschede

With the Hawa Dawa Sentience Air Quality Measurement devices, we have been able to gain a clear picture of the urban air quality in Meschede. The comprehensive report highlights time patterns, which are a great basis to develop actual countermeasures for improving our air quality.