Helmholtz Munich

We chose Hawa Dawa because the company enjoys a good reputation overall and we ourselves have already had good experiences with this company from a previous collaboration. Above all, the stability of the measurement system, the data quality and the associated scientific preparation of the data are important to us.

HERE Technologies

As air quality is relevant for truly everyone, we’re excited to see Hawa Dawa joining the ever-growing list of companies offering their data on the HERE Marketplace which is becoming the one-stop shop for location-based assets in the industry. By having access to real-time pollutant data from Hawa Dawa, developers, data scientists, and business analysts can build and enhance products and services to benefit our health, the environment, and even the economy.

City of Ulm

Hawa Dawa impresses with its expert advice. The willingness to face any questions from the administration and the public and to take the perspective of the counterpart with understanding is important for the acceptance in our project.


Air quality is one of the biggest challenges facing urban areas. The future of air quality monitoring could be influenced by the winner of this year’s BMVi Digital Transport Challenge: Hawa Dawa has the relevant tools to support political decision-makers with future planning.


The cooperation with Hawa Dawa has enabled us to validate important assumptions and provide a service which has a profound impact on smart city planning processes