Helmholtz Munich

We chose Hawa Dawa because the company enjoys a good reputation overall and we ourselves have already had good experiences with this company from a previous collaboration. Above all, the stability of the measurement system, the data quality and the associated scientific preparation of the data are important to us.

HERE Technologies

As air quality is relevant for truly everyone, we’re excited to see Hawa Dawa joining the ever-growing list of companies offering their data on the HERE Marketplace which is becoming the one-stop shop for location-based assets in the industry. By having access to real-time pollutant data from Hawa Dawa, developers, data scientists, and business analysts can build and enhance products and services to benefit our health, the environment, and even the economy.

Transport for Cairo

Hawa Dawa is one of the most inspiring clean technology companies out there. With their IoT hardware and AI-enabled software, they bring the best of modern tech to our most pressing problem today: urban air quality and climate change. At TfC, we are always on the lookout for technologies and solutions that can tackle the developing cities challenges at disruptively competitive costs and Hawa Dawa’s tech just takes air quality measurement and management to an entirely new level.

German Top 50 Startups

January 2021:

Hawa Dawa was ranked no. 8 among the German top 50 startups 2020.
Passion4Business creates this ranking as start-ups reflect the megatrends of our time, such as the environment, health or mobility. Whether solutions for space, agriculture, higher energy efficiency, against infectious diseases or the use of blockchain – the top 50 start-ups 2020 are active in many areas of our lives.

“The top 50 start-ups of 2020 show us a wealth of ideas and innovation combined with first entrepreneurial successes,” summarises René Klein, CEO of Passion4Business GmbH.

The platform Top50Startups.de belongs to Passion4Business GmbH, in which the F.A.Z. publishing group is also involved through F.A.Z. Business Media GmbH. As the main partner of the platform, Commerzbank and LEXROCKET are committed.

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EIT China Hub

November 2020:

Hawa Dawa is supported by the EIT China Hub program

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