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The air measurement network in Mainz continues to operate

A comprehensive base of environmental data as a basis for eco-sensitive measures

Hawa Dawa is entering the third year of Mainz’s sensor-based air measurement network with Mainzer Netze GmbH. The monitoring network in Mainz will create one of the most comprehensive urban collections of environmental information.

By continuing to operate the measurement network and making the data available via open standards, infrastructure is being established in Mainz on which future measures – for example, environmentally sensitive traffic management – can easily be based at any time. In addition, new approaches can be developed based on this extensive data collection, which, for example, take a cross-sectoral look at the cause and effect fields of environment, weather, traffic and health. Last but not least, the digitally available data is an efficient basis for the creation and updating of clean air plans. Analyses can be drawn from the information quickly and narrowed down to any period or geographical area.

All environmentally relevant measures will benefit from the depth of the data and its quality: Hawa Dawa measurement networks provide an advanced tool to capture air quality digitally, spatially and temporally with high resolution. The present test report from TÜV Süd, which also includes a Mainz comparison station with the measuring station of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for the Environment on Parcusstrasse, proves the quality of the measuring method.

Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector at Hawa Dawa, explains: “We congratulate Mainz on what is probably the best data basis in a national comparison. Better information is the basis for better decisions. Short-term measurements are only of limited use to justify sustainable measures because seasonal influences or special influences in one year can hardly be considered properly. In Mainz, we are taking on the role of a pioneer who has recognized this.”


On the way to a climate-neutral municipality

Smart City model municipality Kirchheim establishes Hawa Dawa network to measure air quality as a basis for sustainable improvements

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Air quality data – a pioneer in the municipal open data movement

Open data and data sovereignty are key terms when municipalities think about digitalisation or Smart City.

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Merging urban mobility and air quality insights to support sustainable transport transition in emerging mega-cities

Transport for Cairo and Hawa Dawa join forces to serve data-poor environments with their cutting edge solutions.

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Providing added value for citizens with environmental data

Hawa Dawa won the Leipzig Smart City Challenge “Urban Environmental Data – View & Understand”. The approach presented by Hawa Dawa to the question “How can urban environmental data be prepared in a target-group-oriented, innovative and interactive way?” was chosen as the winner by the interdisciplinary jury of the City of Leipzig taking into account clearly defined evaluation criteria. The city of Leipzig focuses on the usability of environmental data by citizens.

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Convincing solution for the digitisation of NO2 measurements

Hawa Dawa wins Munich Innovation Competition. Hawa Dawa was able to convince the cross-divisional and cross-departmental jury team of the Bavarian capital yesterday with its solution based on a network of cost-effective IoT sensors.

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Deep Dive Air Quality Data from Hawa Dawa now on HERE Marketplace – Adding eco-sensitivity to your application

Hawa Dawa has added real-time pollutant data, which is available through an API, to the well-established HERE Marketplace. The HERE platforms Marketplace offers secure data exchange, essential location data and technology, and rich ecosystem of partners providing additional content. 

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Use existing urban infrastructures to measure air quality: Smart Poles of Westenergie and Hawa Dawa devices intelligently combined

Hawa Dawa is working with Westenergie AG’s Smart Pole Factory. In a project of the company in Essen, Hawa Dawa Sentience air measuring devices are installed in smart pole lights.

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Zum European Clean Air Day – kostenlose Testphase von 4 Monaten

Hawa Dawa startet die Smart Air City Kampagne 2020

Hawa Dawa startet pünktlich zum Aktionstag der European Clean Air Initiative (https://cleanairday.eu/) am 15.10.2020 die diesjährige Smart Air City Kampagne:

1 – Ein Ziel: Saubere Luft

2 – Zwei Sentience Luftmessgeräte kostenlos

3 – In drei Städten

4 – Für vier Monate

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City of Ulm selects technology of Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa becomes part of the project zukunftskommune@bw in the city of Ulm

Hawa Dawa was awarded the contract within the public tender for the procurement of LoRaWan-capable air/climate sensors in the Eselsberg project area in the city of Ulm. Hawa Dawa will install a network of several Sentience air quality measurement devices, develop a comprehensive display from the measured values and feed the data via API into the Ulm data platform, which is currently under construction. The data will be made available as open IoT data. Read more