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Eco Routing becomes reality – the navigation device becomes sustainable

It sounds like a dream of the future if navigation systems could not only show the fastest route, but also the one with the least air pollution. Drivers would be exposed to fewer air pollutants and cities could breathe easier. This vision of the future is called eco-sensitive traffic management and its implementation in reality is currently being tested by Siemens Mobility GmbH together with the two Munich start-ups Thinxnet GmbH (ryd) and Hawa Hawa GmbH in a one-month field trial. Read more

Smart Quarter in Munich North: powered by Hawa Dawa

Munich’s north is becoming a “smart quarter”.

The EU initiative “Civitas Eccentric” is upgrading the Domagkpark and Parkstadt Schwabing neighbourhoods into environmentally sustainable districts. The project is part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 initiative, which uses integrated mobility concepts to reduce traffic and alleviate the parking situation. In addition to Munich, the cities of Stockholm, Madrid, Turku and Ruse are also among the project cities Read more