Affordable Air Quality Monitoring Networks with Regulatory-Grade Accuracy Combined with Contextualized Analytics

We offer an affordable solution for area-wide, continuous ambient air quality monitoring. Our monitoring network provides real-time, meaningful, and reliable data traceable to accepted standards.

We merge cost-efficiency and certified quality and deliver a one-stop solution from collecting reliable data up to contextualized and actionable insights for fact-based decision making.

  • Contextualized Insights

    Contextualized insights through correlation with geo/traffic, meteorologic, health, and socio-economic data

    • We put the air quality data into a meaningful context
    • Contextualized insights build a valuable basis for fact-based decisions

    Advanced analytics unveil air pollution patterns and hotspots and deliver starting points for mitigating actions

    • Deep insights help to prioritize efforts and budgets
    • Understanding repeating patterns of air pollution is a first step toward developing dynamic countermeasures

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