Information on Air Quality in Munich

Lockdown and Air Quality in Munich

Hawa Dawa

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For your reference

Summary of Selected Thresholds

Ozon Thresholds

WHO: 100 µg/m3 (8h, daily maximum) 

EU: 120 µg/m3 (8-hour mean threshold not to be exceeded on more than 25 days averaged over 3 years) 

Germany: 120 µg/m³ O3 (highest 8-hour average of a day during a calendar year) 


Particulate Matter (PM10) Thresholds

WHO: 15 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

EU: 40 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

Germany: 40 μg/m³ (annual mean) 


Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Thresholds

WHO: 5 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

EU: 25 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

Germany: 25 μg/m³ (annual mean) 


Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Thresholds

WHO: 10 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

EU: 40 μg/m³ (annual mean) 

Germany: 40 μg/m³ (annual mean)