SENTIENCE – Measurement Networks


  • Collection of environmental data based on state-of-the-art IoT sensor technology
  • Regulatory-grade, TÜV-proven accuracy of the measurement result
  • Remote and real-time data availability 24/7
  • High spatial and temporal resolution of data
  • Reliable data delivery and quality
  • Highly automated and fully managed network


  • Measurement of O3, NO2, PM2.5, and PM10; other environmental measurements on request
  • Unique calibration based on AI
  • CE certified technology
  • Modular, plug & play system: Easy integration, installation in less than 30 minutes
  • Digital data transfer via GSM,LoRaWAN or NB/IoT
  • Data accessible via API or Dashboards
  • Housing optimised for unbiased measurements of air pollutants
  • Automatic error detection in network operations

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Timely Resolution of Values


Pollutant Values 

12 Months Data History Export

Monthly Reports (pdf)

Initial User Training

Learn more about the Sentience API on our API Documentation Portal  

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Sentience Cockpit / Sentience API

1 month free trial

24 months

5 user (Cockpit), Developer Access (Sentience API)


NO2, O3, PM2.5, PM10 

1 hour webcon

Hawa Dawa Sentience measuring devices
TÜV Certified Air Quality Measurement Badge

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