Dashboards – Data Management

Your Benefits

  • All relevant data on your screen
  • Scalable set of features
  • Easy and clear management of air quality data from various sources
  • Convenient integration of additional data points
  • Insights into interdependencies and key drivers
  • Effective and pro-active planning and implementation of air quality measures


Hotspot Identifier

Traffic Correlation


Your Needs:

  • Getting an initial overview of air quality
  • Clear display of air quality data from various sources
  • Efficient and automated data input
  • Intuitive user interface, ease-of-use

Your Needs:

  • Understanding the context for better decision making
  • Additional data layers, e.g. traffic
  • Identifying patterns and hotspots
  • Periodic reporting and data interpretation

Your Needs:

  • Forecasts for implementing proactive measures
  • Interactive reporting
  • Real-time alarms
  • Simulations for enhanced efficiency of planned measures