Air Quality Reports

Your Benefits

  • Understand trends, influences and changes of air quality.
  • Brings transparency and helps enable action
  • Clear, structured information in an easy-to-read
  • Various options available with regard to:
    • level of detail
    • reporting period
    • information and
    • presentation format


  • Evaluation of O3, NO2, PM2.5, PM10, additional environmental parameters such as temperature, air pressure, humidity and other additional data possible (weather, traffic, etc.)
  • Efficient, automated compilation of data
  • Reports are consistent with views in the dashboard
  • Included as built-in service in bundles; subscription to more detailed reports possible

Example of a threshold report of a city

Download here

Various reporting options available

  • Pollutant readings in tabular format
  • Reporting period: 1 month
  • Content: calibrated Sentience data and data from public measuring stations, as available, for the project area
  • Format: PDF
  • Display of time-based trends for air quality and weather parameters in graphical format
  • Reporting period: 1 month
  • Content:
    • calibrated Sentience data and data from public measuring stations as available for the project area
    • weather patterns
  • Format: HTML (allows user interactivity within the report)
  • Display of all integrated data across tables, charts and graphs with free selection of parameters (temporal, spatial)
  • Reporting period: user defined
  • Content:
    • all integrated air quality data
    • weather patterns
    • in addition, data provided on traffic, demography, land use, etc. (where necessary)
  • Format: HTML
  • Dedicated report of changes in air quality as a result of a specific event in graphical format
  • Content: air pollutants correlated with weather data (additional data available at extra cost)
  • Reporting period: free definition of the ‘event period’ and the prior and subsequent reporting period
  • One-off report
  • Format: PDF

Public measurement stations (others on request)

Values as needed for checking compliance with legal limits

  • mean/average
  • for the last 12 months
  • legal limits (numbers)

Evaluation against legal thresholds

  • in numbers (instances of violations)
  • visually: colour-coded gauge (mean/average), colour-coded arrows (tendency)

Selected Use Cases & Applications