Realtime API

Your Benefits

  • Make applications, apps and internal decision tools environmentally sensitive
  • Generate additional benefits for your users and end customers
  • Smart API functions facilitate the implementation of interactive applications
  • Comprehensive API documentation ensures smooth integration into a wide range of applications (internet/web, mobile apps)
  • State-of-the-art technology, containerised and secure backend
  • Continuous improvement of data quality through expansion of data sources and AI


  • Detailed data for NO2, ozone, particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) and pollen
  • Current values for CAQI (European Common Air Quality Index) and health indices (asthma and COPD)
  • Complete coverage of Germany and Switzerland. Other countries on request
  • Interactive software functions such as hotspot detection, commuter alerts, output of health risk factors
  • Comprehensive data for all major pollutants based on the integration of a variety of data sources (satellites, IoT sensors, public measurements)

Use the Realtime API for

  • Citizen portals and information displays
  • Geoinformation services (GIS) and location-based services
  • Apps for tourism, leisure and fitness
  • Smart Home, Building Technology, Smart Living, Smart and Intelligent Districts/Neighbourhoods
  • Health applications, smart health
Programming codes

Environmental effects are important bases for planning and decision-making

The negative effects of polluted air are scientifically proven. Together with other effects of climate change and urbanisation, such as heat waves and increased traffic, they represent a massive burden on human health.

The seamless integration of environmental data into existing applications makes hazards transparent and enables the development of prevention strategies.

The integration of environmental data into existing working environments enables fully informed, fact-based decisions in administrations and companies for the first time. End users find all relevant information in one app and can minimise their exposure risk.

Find all the technical details on integration here

The Hawa Dawa API Suite

Realtime API

serving e.g. citizen portals, consumer-centred fitness and leisure apps or simple traffic management use-cases

Predictive API

serving e.g. high-end eco-sensitive traffic management and routing, applications in health-care or consumer-centered – and commuter scenarios

Historic API

serving e.g. real estate valuation scenarios, district development and a variety of auditing, research and risk-management use-cases

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