Premium API Products

Your Benefits

  • Provide added value to your application users by integrating current, historic or predictive air quality information
  • Comprehensive data for all primary pollutants created from a variety of input sources (satellite, IoT sensors, public measurements)
  • Smart API functions for implementation of interactive use-cases
  • State-of-the-art technology, containerized and secure backend
  • Continuous enhancement of data quality and coverage through AI


  • Detailed data available for NO2, Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), and pollen
  • Provision of current and predictive values for CAQI (European Common Air Quality Index)
  • Germany and Switzerland fully covered, additional countries on request
  • Predefined AQ reports as well as filters available for analysis of historic data
  • Interactive software features like hotspot detection, commuter alerting, eco-sensitive route calculation
  • Comprehensive API documentation for simple integration into different applications (web, mobile etc.)
Programming codes

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Real Time API

serving e.g. citizen portals, consumer centred fitness and leisure apps or simple traffic management use-cases

Predictive API

serving e.g. high-end eco-sensitive traffic management and routing, applications in health-care or consumer-centered – and commuter scenarios

Historic API

serving e.g. real estate valuation scenarios, district development and a variety of auditing, research and risk-management use-cases