Backend Data Integration

Your Benefits

  • We add additional data points and content layers to your core Hawa Dawa services to enrich value and user experience
  • Generate a higher density informational picture by not only relying on Hawa Dawa sensors but also integrating other available data sources on air quality
  • Enter the space of data correlation analytics to find out more about the root causes behind specific environmental situations. Find out how traffic, industry or other segments are impacting air quality?
  • Also, find out how certain data areas (such as postal-code boundaries) are exposed to pollutant levels over time.
  • Get your integrated data displayed via your dashboard or provided through API.


Integration of further air quality sources to your DaaS service

  • Public air quality measurement stations
  • Diffusion tubes/passive collectors
  • 3rd party air quality IoT sensors
  • Satellite data

Integration of information on weather

  • Locally deployable weather sensors
  • Online sources for weather information

Integration of information sources regarding vehicle traffic

  • Vehicle counts, e.g. from traffic cameras, radar sensors
  • Historic traffic data from commercial data suppliers (such as HERE, TomTom, Inrix)
  • Current traffic information from commercial data suppliers

Integration of location-relevant map layers (socioeconomic data, healthcare, etc.)