Air Quality Monitoring Networks

Regulatory-grade hybrid networks combine data from IoT devices with official authority measurements

Hawa Dawa builds and manages air quality sensor networks for cities, regulators, research institutions and businesses. For this to work at scale, sensor networks need to be able to trace their reliability and accuracy back to accepted standards. In this regard, Hawa Dawa is the first provider to have achieved regulatory-grade accuracy as defined in Directive 2008/50/EC with its Sentience Networks; validated by independent 3rd party auditors (TÜV Süd) and various municipal and scientific organisations (the State Office for the Environment of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Department of Environment of the City of Bern, and German Research Center for Environmental Health).

Hybrid Networks

Hawa Dawa air quality monitoring networks are full-service data solutions. All maintenance, sensor calibration, data consistency and quality control tasks are part of the professionally managed network administration.

  • Full coverage at regulatory grade accuracy
  • Official reference measurement devices included


  • High spatial and temporal resolution of data
  • Regulatory-grade, TÜV-proven accuracy of the measurement method (Directive 2008/50/EC)
  • Dependable collection of environmental data based on state-of-the-art IoT sensor technology and AI-based algorithm
  • Reliable data delivery and quality
  • Remote and real-time data availability 24/7