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Traffic correlation map of a city
  • All relevant data on your screen
  • Scalable set of features
  • Easy and clear management of air quality data from various sources
  • Convenient integration of addtional data points
  • Insights into interdependencies and key drivers
  • Effective and pro-active planning and implementation of air quality measures

  • Added value to your application users by integrating current, historic or predictive air quality information
  • Comprehensive data for all main pollutants created from a variety of input sources (satellite, IoT sensors, public measurements)
  • Smart API functions for implementation of interactive use-cases
  • State-of-the-art technology, containerized and secure backend
  • Continuous enhancement of data quality and coverage through AI
Programming codes
Hawa Dawa Sentience measuring device
  • Collection of environmental data based on state-of-the-art IoT sensor technology
  • Regulatory-grade, TÜV-proven accuracy of the measurement result
  • Remote and real-time data availability 24/7
  • High spatial and temporal resolution of data
  • Reliable data delivery and quality
  • Highly automated and fully managed network
  • Understanding of trends, influences and changes of air quality
  • Transparency and enabling action
  • Various options available with regard to level of detail, reporting period, information and presentation format
  • Generation of a higher density informational picture by integrating other available data sources on air quality
  • Data correlation analytics for analysing root causes behind specific environmental situations and pollutant levels of certain data areas over time
Hawa Dawa threshold report