Case Study Seelze

A local network for measuring urban air quality at highly polluted locations in Seelze

Initial situation and problem statement

In the urban area of Seelze, there are no permanent installed public measuring stations. Temporary measurements did not show that the official threshold value for NO2 of 40.0 micrograms per m3 was exceeded. Nevertheless, the city of Seelze is aware of the health risks posed by polluted air even below the legal limit and has decided to actively address this problem.

In general, in the first step, clarity about the current air quality should be obtained for those responsible.

Especially for smaller to medium-sized cities, such as the city of Seelze, it is indispensable to have up-to-date information about the local air quality, despite a lack of public measuring stations. Hawa Dawa particularly convinced with its competent consulting. Furthermore, the joint project work was straightforward, friendly, and easy.

Case Study Seelze (EN)


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