Case Study Mainz

Intelligent measurement infrastructure provides data-based basis for reducing traffic-induced emissions in Mainz

Initial situation and problem statement

In the past, the densely populated urban structure and increasing road traffic have presented the city of Mainz with the challenge of reducing harmful emissions and sustainably improving air quality without having to resort to drastic and undifferentiated measures such as general driving bans.

This requires a holistic basis of environmental data that has not existed to date. In the period from 2019 to 2021, the Mainzer Stadtwerke AG had access to BMDV funding from the DKV programme for the realisation of a project.

Hawa Dawa’s implementation-strong, result- and customer-oriented way of working, as well as the quick reaction time to any concerns and uncertainties. In this way, the scepticism towards new approaches could be reduced and a very good cooperation could be guaranteed.

Case Study Mainz (EN)


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