Davos Digital Forum

Date: 23. September 2021
Time: 0:00 - 0:00
Location: online

At this year’s Davos Digital Forum,  a trend report will present Germany’s current smart city development with use cases and projects.

In the last fifteen years, smart technologies have conquered our social and economic coexistence with unprecedented self-evidentness and at record speed. Recently, a similar development dynamic can be observed in the digitization of cities and regions. In addition to technical solution providers, new governance structures, change management processes, and new approaches to citizen participation are required.

In one of the sessions, “Current Smart City Development in Germany”, Dimitri Ravin will outline a snapshot of the current trends and approaches in German Smart City development.

Afterwards, Karim Tarraf will present Hawa Dawa’s successful use cases as one of the invited experts with project-oriented inputs and discuss them in the round.