CoSMoS 2022 – Conference on Smart Mobility Services

Date: 10. March 2022
Location: Ingolstadt

Intelligent data and, above all, AI-based solutions have the potential to make mobility more efficient, more sustainable and, above all, safer. From multimodal traffic control and intelligent mobility platforms to traffic optimization of highly complex traffic flows, there is a wide range of application areas.

Smart, networked transportation services benefit users, companies and communities alike. This also includes a further increase in the intermodality of individual routes. A balanced modal split between private motorized transport, public transport and smart solutions as well as micromobility services combined with digital, AI-based platforms contribute to a resilient and convenient overall system.

Creating a Sustainable and Smart World

Date: 11. February 2022
Location: online

Join Hawa Dawa presenting the results for Leipzig's Smart City Challenge:

The structural and energy transition that has been decided upon poses many challenges, and not just for our region of Central Germany. Our cutting-edge research, startups companies and municipalities are working on concrete solutions to make our world more sustainable by smart means. For overall success, it is important to bring these ideas and approaches together and make them available. That's why we invite you to learn about some concrete approaches at our New Year's reception, discuss them with us!

Workshop „Sensorsysteme zur Messung der Luftqualität“

Date: 17. March 2022
Location: online

Die Nutzung von Sensorsystemen zur Messung der Luftqualität nimmt in den letzten Jahren stetig zu und umfasst mittlerweile viele verschiedene Anwendungsbereiche. Die zunehmende Zahl an Sensorsystemen stellt die Anwender vor neue Herausforderungen, insbesondere hinsichtlich der Auswertung, Beurteilung und Qualität der gewonnenen Messdaten.
Vor diesem Hintergrund wurde bereits im Jahr 2018 ein erster VDI Workshop „Sensormesstechnik für die Außenluft – Status, Grenzen und Visionen“ durchgeführt. Der zweite Workshop schließt an die erste Veranstaltung an. Im Gegensatz zur Veranstaltung in 2018 ist er nicht auf die Experten der KRdL beschränkt und bietet, einer Empfehlung des ersten Workshops folgend, ein Forum für den Informationsaustausch aller interessierter Fachkreise.

Smart Country Convention 2022

Start date: 18. October 2022
End date: 20. October 2022
Location: hub27 | Berlin Exhibition Grounds

Germany’s largest congress for the digitization in the public sector

As a driving force for the future of a modern public administration and smart cities, Smart Country Convention (SCCON) provides a central contact point for all key players who want to drive the digital change. It is all about the successful digitization of federal, state, and local authorities.

With their latest technological developments, top innovators in the digital sector meet key decision-makers of federal, state, and local authorities as well as renowned experts from science and associations.


IFAT Munich 2022

Start date: 30. May 2022
End date: 3. June 2022
Location: Messe München

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

Being the largest platform for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, IFAT gathers the industry from all over the world—its innovative offers set benchmarks for the future. Modern and future-oriented environmental technologies are at the forefront, as the burdens of the growing industry and the associated consumption of resources require international action.

IFAT also offers an extensive supporting programme with conferences, symposia, workshops and forums on current technologies, topics, and trends.


Virtual OKNRW – Barcamp 2021

Date: 20. November 2021
Location: online

Open infrastructures for resilient municipalities

Severe events such as the floods in the summer in NRW show that structures that are supposedly taken for granted are fragile, especially in times of crisis.

This year's 11th OKNRW Barcamp focus on the structures and networks protecting and promoting coexistence in municipalities. A wide variety of stakeholders will come together virtually to share information about challenges and models of collaborative, public infrastructures.

Matthew Fullerton, CTO, will give a short presentation on "Public air quality data in the context of geodata portals, open data portals and open urban platforms".


Microsoft Sustainability Kick-Off: digital and sustainable – it’s possible

Date: 10. November 2021
Location: online

Sustainability is currently receiving as much attention and popularity as hardly any other topic. Digital transformation represents a powerful lever for jointly exploiting the opportunities of sustainability.

The Microsoft Sustainability Kick-Off  "digital and sustainable - it's possible" on 10. November 2021 features experts from research and industry and Microsoft customers and partners who have already integrated sustainability into their business processes. Karim Tarraf is part of the panel and provides insights on combining economic growth, quality of life and sustainability with a digital and sustainable business model.

SmartCity-Summit in Niederrhein

Date: 25. November 2021
Location: Mönchengladbach

At this year's SmartCity-Summit in Niederrhein, digitization experts, SME executives, innovative startups, institutions and associations from science and research, as well as stakeholders from municipalities will jointly shape the digital city of tomorrow.
The Summit offers the ideal platform to network with decision-makers in the Lower Rhine region and present smart solutions for new paths to the digital city of the future. Hawa Dawa is also involved and supports the Summit with know-how, ideas and future issues around the topic of smart cities to make Mönchengladbach's environment and mobility smarter.

Gründungswoche Deutschland

Start date: 15. November 2021
End date: 21. November 2021
Location: Hildesheim

Gründerwoche Deutschland is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. In a range of lectures, workshops and interviews, everything revolves around entrepreneurial spirit, business start-ups and entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Karim Tarraf participates in the heterogeneous panel at the kick-off event. Professor Andreas Mojzisch from the University of Hildesheim will open with the keynote speech on "Through diversity of opinion to synergy in group decisions".

Erstes Jahrestreffen Netzwerk Junge Bürgermeister*innen

Start date: 18. November 2021
End date: 19. November 2021
Location: Berlin

Im Workshop "Handlungsfähige Kommune" wird Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector bei Hawa Dawa, unter der Moderation von Alexander Handschuh, Sprecher des DStGBs, an einer Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema "Chancen der Digitalisierung" teilnehmen.