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Saubere Luft – Eine Aufgabe innerhalb der kommunalen Daseinsfürsorge

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In der EU besteht ein Recht auf saubere Luft (mehr dazu hier). Daher sind die Mitgliedstaaten verpflichtet, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um die Luftschadstoffe zu senken.

Die Grundlage dafür bildet die EU-Luftreinhalterichtlinie (2008/50/EG). Die von der Bundesregierung beschlossene Verordnung über Luftqualitätsstandards und Emissionshöchstmengen (39. BImSchV) setzt diese EU-Richtlinie in nationales Recht um. Zur Verbesserung der Luftqualität legt sie Grenzwerte für Schadstoffkonzentrationen in der (Umgebungs-)Luft fest.

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Air quality data – a pioneer in the municipal open data movement

Open data and data sovereignty are key terms when municipalities think about digitalisation or Smart City.

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Germany fails to meet the new World Health Organization (WHO) guideline values for air pollution for 2021

Hawa Dawa shows on the basis of an analysis of all existing public measuring stations in Germany that the new WHO guideline values for air pollution were exceeded at the majority of the measuring stations.

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Digitisation, Climate Protection and Sustainability: Chances and Challenges for Cities

Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector, discussed the topic «opportunities of digitisation» in the course of the network meeting «Junge Bürgermeiter*innen». It is an exciting topic, as municipalities face many challenges and opportunities at the interface of climate protection, sustainability, and digitisation. Here are some spotlights on the topic:

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New WHO guidelines on air pollution – what’s their meaning?

By reducing the recommended heights, existing laws come under pressure – or at least are being questioned. While the European Air Pollution Control Directive largely complied with the previous WHO recommendations from 2005, gaps are now apparent. The EU has already announced a revision and launched the corresponding consultation. Leer más

TÜV Süd confirms Hawa Dawa the accuracy of the «indicative measurement»

IoT measurement method meets legal requirements to prove compliance with air pollutant limits. Hawa Dawa has been the first provider in Europe to be certified by an independent state-approved body for the legally prescribed measurement accuracy of its IoT sensor measuring networks. TÜV Süd certifies:  Hawa Dawa achieves the quality objectives of the 39. BlmSchV  (the national implementation of the EU directive 2008/50/EG ).

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Podcast: Air Quality Sensor Network in Ulm

Air quality, environmental protection and health are topics that are constantly gaining attention not only throughout Germany, but also in Ulm. With sensors, we lay the foundation for our own urban measurement series at the Eselsberg in the Zukunftskommune@bw project.

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Dorothee Bär, German Minister of State for Digitalisation: Hawa Dawa provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses

In an interview for RESPOND, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalisation,  said: «The fact that sustainability and digitization can work very well together is also demonstrated by your ‘Tech for Good’ projects. I’m thinking of the RESPOND startup Hawa Dawa from Munich, for example, which makes air quality visible. It provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses to reduce air pollutionLeer más

Sources and impacts of, and countermeasures against air pollution

Jakob Smretschnig,  a master’s student of Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich supporting the Hawa Dawa software team talks about sources and impacts of, and countermeasures against air pollution. Leer más

La ciudad de Ulm elige la tecnología de Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa se integra en el proyecto zukunftskommune@bw de la ciudad de Ulm

Hawa Dawa se adjudicó el contrato dentro del concurso público para la adquisición de sensores de aire/clima con capacidad LoRaWan en la zona del proyecto Eselsberg, en la ciudad de Ulm. Hawa Dawa instalará una red de varios dispositivos de medición de la calidad del aire de Sentience, desarrollará una visualización completa a partir de los valores medidos y alimentará los datos vía API en la plataforma de datos de Ulm, actualmente en construcción. Los datos estarán disponibles como datos IoT abiertos. Leer más