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Día del Sobregiro de la Tierra

La globalización y la revolución industrial han traído muchos cambios positivos para las personas. Aun así, las consecuencias son dramáticas para nuestro planeta. Nuestro medio ambiente y muchos ecosistemas están muy contaminados por todo tipo de contaminantes. La gente está destruyendo la tierra cada día más, sin pensar en absoluto que ésta es nuestra única tierra.

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Bees: The impact of climate change and their importance for humans

«Once the bee disappears from the earth, humans have only four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people.» (Albert Einstein, 1949)

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Healthy Air, healthy Planet: International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

In 2019, the UN decided to declare September 7 the «International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies». With the Corona-related lockdown, images went around the world showing blue skies where visibility is otherwise severely restricted by polluted air. We have also published a number of articles on this topic, whereby not only the concrete effects on cities were examined, but also the effects on health were questioned. Read more here.

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Providing added value for citizens with environmental data

Hawa Dawa won the Leipzig Smart City Challenge «Urban Environmental Data – View & Understand». The approach presented by Hawa Dawa to the question «How can urban environmental data be prepared in a target-group-oriented, innovative and interactive way?» was chosen as the winner by the interdisciplinary jury of the City of Leipzig taking into account clearly defined evaluation criteria. The city of Leipzig focuses on the usability of environmental data by citizens.

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Semi-Finalist in «Sustainable Cities & Real-Estate» of the TT Global Impact Awards

The “Sustainable Cities & Real Estate” category of the TTI Global Impact Awards looks at how to transition the entire sector into a sustainable paradigm to transform and construct sustainable buildings, cities, and communities by making construction, maintenance and transportation energy-efficient and environmentally enhancing.

Convincing solution for the digitisation of NO2 measurements

Hawa Dawa wins Munich Innovation Competition. Hawa Dawa was able to convince the cross-divisional and cross-departmental jury team of the Bavarian capital yesterday with its solution based on a network of cost-effective IoT sensors.

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Podcast: Air Quality Sensor Network in Ulm

Air quality, environmental protection and health are topics that are constantly gaining attention not only throughout Germany, but also in Ulm. With sensors, we lay the foundation for our own urban measurement series at the Eselsberg in the Zukunftskommune@bw project.

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Going hand-in-hand: Your health and the health of our planet

Today is “Earth Day”: Time to recall the ambitious goals we have for the reduction of greenhouse gases. It is good to see how prominently the topic of CO2 footprint is covered in the media and in public discussions.

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#Beyond1000Solutions: Solar Impulse exceeded 1000 registered solutions

Solar Impulse foundation has started a mission to select 1000 solutions that address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth. We are proud to announce that the foundation has reached its goal and Hawa Dawa is part of the portfolio along with #1000solutions.

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Dorothee Bär, German Minister of State for Digitalisation: Hawa Dawa provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses

In an interview for RESPOND, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalisation,  said: «The fact that sustainability and digitization can work very well together is also demonstrated by your ‘Tech for Good’ projects. I’m thinking of the RESPOND startup Hawa Dawa from Munich, for example, which makes air quality visible. It provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses to reduce air pollutionLeer más