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BERNARD expands portfolio in the field of «environmental monitoring»

Hawa Dawa Air Quality Monitoring becomes part of the BERNARD Gruppe

The BERNARD Gruppe, an internationally active family-owned engineering services company, has acquired the product portfolio of Hawa Dawa as of March 1. From now on, the technology and know-how for monitoring air quality are part of the specialized solutions of the BERNARD Gruppe. Leer más

An AI Story

A short while ago, our Sentience System went through one of its toughest challenges: We had just won a tender in one of Europe’s largest capitals. In the next phase, our solution was benchmarked against competitive hardware products from two traditional hardware manufacturers. Both are big players in the industry with a combined existence of nearly 250 years, around 400.000 employees and multi-billion dollars in revenue. Leer más

Karim Tarraf at the Digital Summit in Berlin: Creating digital value together

The German Digital Gipfel (digital summit) is the central platform for shaping the digital endeavour with all those involved. Representatives of the federal government and key companies of the digital economy will meet at the Digital Summit 2022 on 8 and 9 December. Our CEO, Karim Tarraf,  is there together with the other members of the Beirat Junge Digital Wirtschaft.

The focus of this year’s summit is the topic of data economy. This year, the Digital Gipfel, with its extensive network, will focus on the question of how the data economy, as a driver of digital transformation, can increase the opportunities of digitalisation. Events, exhibits and showcases will inspire stakeholders to make the world more efficient and sustainable with the help of digital technologies and data-based applications.

With the mission of «Creating digital value together», the potential of networked data is to be used for the challenges of our time – from innovation and competitiveness to smart, safe and sustainable mobility to the working world of tomorrow.

First Hawa Dawa measurement device deployed in the USA: plug-and-play

We are proud to have our first Sentience Measurement Device installed in the USA (Sacramento). It is a significant step to enter business in a country on another continent.

Additionally, the installation and deployment of the device provided evidence that our processes and technology are professionally defined and elaborated. So, in California, it was a true plug-and-play installation: The customer followed the steps in our installation manual, and the Sentience device just started working and provided data.

The Sentence device was installed and deployed thousands of miles from our home base with zero issues. This demonstrates that our hardware, connectivity options, and processes are robust and 100% ready for standard field roll-out:

  1. A detailed installation handbook supports our customers for a smooth self-setup
  2. Our remote performance monitoring works beyond borders and would detect issues immediately
  3. Our connectivity options (LoRaWAN, GSM/EDGE, and LTE-M) are ready for global use.

Hawa Dawa environmental data integrated into Esri ArcGIS

An essential addition for Esri users

Hawa Dawa now offers an integration of the collected environmental data into Esri ArcGIS. For Esri users, this is a convenient way to use this data in the familiar Esri environment. Leer más

Karim Tarraf takes over the lead of the chapter «Startup Competencies for Public Procurement» in the advisory board «Junge Digitale Wirtschaft » of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate

The advisory board «Junge Digitale Wirtschaft «(Young Digital Economy)  provides first-hand advice to the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection on current issues of digital transformation. The focus is on the development and potential of the young digital economy and new digital technologies in Germany. Because of the dynamics of the digital economy, the advisory board is designed to be flexible and open. The goal: a direct and practice-oriented dialogue between the young German digital and startup scene and politics.

The board, which renews itself yearly, is staffed with founders, business leaders, investors and digital associations. Hawa Dawa is proud to announce that Robert Habeck appointed CEO and co-founder Karim Tarraf to the advisory board as one of a total of 29 members.

The current advisory board will focus on key areas:

  • Accelerating sustainable transformation
  • Establishing digital sovereignty
  • Securing Germany as a high-tech location
  • Reducing bureaucracy/level playing field

To this end, the board has organised itself into eight chapters. Karim Tarraf has taken over the lead of the «Startup Competencies for Public Procurement» chapter. Together with Anne Kjær Bathel, he will work on finding holistic ways for startups to be involved in larger public sector contracts.

The focus will be on digital startups as well as social startups. Because even though the business models are different, both struggle with the same challenges. On the one hand, Karim Tarraf can contribute his first-hand experience of Hawa Dawa as a startup whose solution is primarily aimed at public clients. On the other hand, he is intensively networked in the German startup ecosystem. He invites startups to send their input on this topic to him or Anna Kjær Bathel via LinkedIn. Lastly, Karim Tarraf also has insights into how similar issues are dealt with abroad.

You can find out more about the advisory board «Junge Digitale Wirtschaft» here

Cuando la normativa se convierte en un beneficio real para el ciudadano

La probada precisión reglamentaria del método digital de medición de calidad del aire abre nuevas oportunidades para servicios públicos

TÜV Süd ha confirmado que Hawa Dawa aplica un método de medición digital adecuado para realizar mediciones de acuerdo con la Ley Federal de Control de Inmisiones alemana (39ª BImSchV, legislación nacional alemana que aplica la Directiva 2008/50/CE de la UE). TÜV Süd evaluó el método Hawa Dawa basándose en una comparación con equipos de medición probados.

Hawa Dawa es el primer proveedor de los llamados métodos de medición de bajo coste confirmados para realizar mediciones según las normas reglamentarias. Esto es especialmente importante porque la aplicación de sensores de bajo coste para medir la contaminación del aire es nueva. Todavía no hay directrices sobre requisitos de calidad, garantía de calidad y aplicación. El alcance de las pruebas para la cualificación de instrumentos de medición de calidad del aire basados en sensores electroquímicos se está debatiendo y coordinando actualmente en comités de VDI. Aquí también interviene Hawa Dawa. Leer más

Hawa Dawa se asocia con Swisscom para ofrecer a los clientes suizos redes de control de la calidad del aire de nivel reglamentario

Hawa Dawa se asocia con Swisscom, uno de los mayores proveedores integrados de TIC de Suiza, con sede en Ittigen, cerca de la capital, Berna. Cooperaremos con Swisscom para ofrecer a los clientes suizos redes de control de la calidad del aire de nivel reglamentario. Leer más

En camino hacia la neutralidad climática a nivel municipal

El municipio modelo de ciudad inteligente Kirchheim establece la red Hawa Dawa para medir la calidad del aire como base para mejoras sostenibles

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Hawa Dawa gana dos capitales europeas por su moderno y eficaz sistema de control de la calidad del aire

Hawa Dawa establecerá redes de medición del IoT basadas en la inteligencia artificial (IA) en dos capitales europeas. Ambas adjudicaciones fueron realizadas en marzo.

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