Partnerships and Cooperations

Digitisation meets IoT and Advanced Sensor Technology

With its broad experience in developing new business cases in a collaborative way with its partners and customers, Hawa Dawa is the partner of choice for extending your products and services portfolio within and into the emerging domain of economically-, ecologically- and socially responsible decision making. We are at the cross-section of where digitisation meets IoT and advanced sensor technology; exactly where a number of highly interesting use cases are waiting to be explored.

As your partner, Hawa Dawa will support you in laying the ground work of environmental data for investment in next generation smart city and mobility applications and smart city services. Our high resolution environmental data can be integrated into existing data to improve your existing offer in the healthcare, real estate, tourism, insurance and mobility sectors.

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How to commission a new environmental product or service?

We help you build your own smart city products based on the new commodity of city-wide environmental data.

Our portfolio projects to date include a new air quality impact bond with MunichRe and a new scoring system for real-estate investors to augment location attractiveness with variables such as noise and air quality, as well as smart health,  traffic managment and smart city appliations.

We provide the digital tools to integrate new data sets and expand your portfolio of products for cities.

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Chiara Katzlmaier

Chiara Katzlmaier

Head of Partner Management