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How to market a data-driven cleantech product – interview with Karim Tarraf in The Green Techpreneur

In the interview with The Green Techpreneur, Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, explains Hawa Dawa’s mission and business:

There are few things more essential to life than the air we breathe. But getting a breath of fresh air today has become a rarity – nine out of 10 people worldwide are inhaling polluted air. It’s become a silent killer – taking the lives of around 7 million people a year, according to WHO estimates.

Whether its millions of lives being cut short or greenhouse gas warming gradually destroying our ecosystems – pollution is an elusive enemy. We see the damage once it’s too late, understanding what we’re up against through the irreversible lens of retrospect.

To tackle climate change, we need to map it out. Get into the nitty-gritty of the where, why and how of pollution hotspots so we can clean up our skies. We need data.

Karim Tarraf, Co-founder of Hawa Dawa, is a green techpreneur on a mission to deliver that data.

Read the full interview here


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