Advanced air monitoring system to support the California Community Air Protection Program

The California Community Air Protection Program (AB 617) focuses on reducing exposure to harmful toxic air emissions in communities most impacted by air pollution. These disadvantaged communities are typically located in mixed residential-industrial areas. Collecting air quality data across these communities is crucial for impactful and fact-based decisions. Therefore, technology for Community Monitoring Networks needs to be affordable for area-wide roll-out and, at the same time, deliver real-time, meaningful, and reliable data traceable to accepted standards.

Hawa Dawa ( combines innovative technology and professional expertise to provide cost-effective air quality monitoring networks with proven data accuracy and regulatory-grade quality. An independent auditing body in Germany (TÜV Süd) confirmed the quality of our measurement method to meet official European government air monitoring standards (equivalent to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, NAAQS, in the US)

Multiple cities and regions in Europe have already implemented our technology which provides real-time, accurate air quality data for particulates (PM 10 & 2.5), ozone (O3, photochemical smog), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and other pollutants.

Our robust out-of-the-box solution is ideal for Community Monitoring Networks: You will gain reliable, real-time data, which can easily be used to generate deeper insights to support the efforts for better air quality. Data is easily expanded and contextualized with available traffic, health, income, population density, and more information.

Meet us at the Air & Waste Management Association 115th Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco from June 27 to June 30, 2022, or contact us directly to learn more about leveraging our solution for your Community Monitoring Network.