CTO Janai Flaschberger unter den MIT ‚Top 35 Innovators in Germany‘

In July 2017, Hawa Dawa CTO Jannai Flaschberger has been rewarded as one of the ‚Top 35 Innovators in Germany‘ by MIT Tech Review. During the festivities in Berlin the renowned US-magazine awarded the most promising young talents in the tech industry. Jannai Flaschberger received the award for developing a new approach for generating visual air quality maps through statistical calibration on the software side and modelling with the use of external data sets. With his technique, highly accurate heat maps can be provided with previously unreliable low-cost sensors. Jannai’s development lays the foundation for the Hawa Dawa solution which empowers cities to comprehensively monitor air quality by using a network of small IoT sensors and intelligent software.