New Hawa Dawians grow the team

Two more employees will support our team to meet the growing demand for our products. Yin Ying Ip, currently studying satellite application at the Technical Univerisity of Munich will work as a working student with the software team in developing data processing and geospatial modelling technology.  Rohit Paudel joined Hawa Dawa as Backend Software Engineer developing code that helps Hawa Dawa customers and partners to access and utilize indepth data.

Both combine high-level skills with the commitment to contributing to environmental and social impact.

Welcome to our new Hawa Dawa team members!

Yin Ying Ip

Air Quality is

… essential for well-being.

Rohit Paudel

Air Quality is

…a reason we are alive and thrive, it’s nature.

We are growing: Welcome the new members of the Hawa Dawa Team

We are proud to announce that recently a group of students started to work for Hawa Dawa. They not only bring excellent skills to our workforce, while still being enrolled in university programs but also share the commitment for contributing to environmental and social impact.

Welcome to our new Hawa Dawa team members:

Joshua Entwistle

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… becoming more import as the environment degrades and urban populations get larger.

Nathan Joel

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… key to protecting the planet and making sure that it maintains its natural ecosystems.

Martin Robinson

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Air Quality is

… becoming more and more relevant in modern life in regard to out personal and public health.

Thom Holmes

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… essential to quality of life and a problem that needs improved in industrialised areas

Karim Hartmann

Master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering and Management at TUM

Air Quality is

…the forgotten sibling of food and water quality. Shedding light on air quality is the first and essential step in taking life-improving measures.

Desmond Molloy

MSc in Data science at City, University of London

Air Quality is

…often overlooked in decisionmaking, at national and local levels.

Pia Baronetzky

Master in Mathematics

Air Quality is

…something I have always taken for granted here in Germany until a few years ago. I was wrong. Clean air is very important for our health, all over the world.

Pia Wendlinger

International Business Studies at the University of applied sciences in Kufstein

Air Quality is

… vital and a good that should be “used” by everyone with care.


Identify the best solution for the customer: Hawa Dawa welcomes Sebastian Bohlig as new, experienced Sales Manager

Hawa Dawa is pleased to welcome Sebastian Bohlig to the team. Sebastian Bohlig can rely on many years of experience in support of customers in the field of software-as-a-service  (SaaS). As Sales Manager at Hawa Dawa, he will be the primary contact for customers. 

In this function, Sebastian Bohlig will focus on meeting customer requirements with the optimal combination of products from the comprehensive Hawa Dawa portfolio. In doing so, Hawa Dawa ensures that the individual goals of its customers are supported in the best possible way. In close customer contact, Sebastian Bohlig will identify new potentials and establish sustainable customer relationships. Read more

BMW Foundation – Herbert Quandt publishes report “Protect, Empower, Transform: Tech Innovations Changing the World”

Download the report and learn more about how Hawa Dawa lines up with 11 other Tech for Good startups in establishing sustainable busines models and technologies. Hawa Dawa’s CFO and co-founder, Yvonne Rusche, underlines: “We urgently need insights into where and why air pollution is most hazardous in order to take mitigating action.”

HACK THE GAPS – Digital Solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Hawa Dawa Wins WSA-Germany Award and Qualifies for UN WSA Global Award

Hawa Dawa won the WSA-Germany Award together with eight other participants in the competition of 378 submitted solutions. Hawa Dawa is the winner in the “Smart Settlement & UrbaniZation” category.

Intelligent content combined with optimized use of state-of-the-art technology offers immense opportunities to close global and local divides and achieve UN SDGs. Hawa Dawa was nominated for the international UN WSA Prize as the best national digital solution for Germany in the category “Smart Settlement & UrbaniZation”. The WSA nominees are carefully selected by the WSA National Experts in more than 184 UN member states. A nomination for the global WSA Award is therefore in itself an award – the qualification to compete at international level and to withstand comparison with the other high-ranking nominees. Read more

Hawa Dawa presents at ESA Industry Space Days 2020

During the introduction of the ESA Startup Competition, Hawa Dawa presented as one of the four winners.

Watch the video here and learn more about the ESA Startup Competition background.

How to market a data-driven cleantech product – interview with Karim Tarraf in The Green Techpreneur

In the interview with The Green Techpreneur, Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, explains Hawa Dawa’s mission and business:

There are few things more essential to life than the air we breathe. But getting a breath of fresh air today has become a rarity – nine out of 10 people worldwide are inhaling polluted air. It’s become a silent killer – taking the lives of around 7 million people a year, according to WHO estimates. Read more

Podcast: Hawa Dawa is an Environment Intelligence company – Originally founded to help asthma patients