Hawa Dawa measurements as part of the official Bavarian Project Network on ultrafine particles in Regensburg

Hawa Dawa deploys a measuring system based on the Sentience air measuring devices and analytical data preparation within a Bavarian project network in Regensburg. In the epidemiological subproject of the BayUFP project network, the long-term health consequences of ultrafine particles are investigated in particular based on data from the NAKO health study.

The data collected by Hawa Dawa on the “classical” air pollutants – NO2, O3, PM10 and PM2.5  – will be used within the subproject “TP4 Long-term concentrations and health effects in Bavarian centres of the NAKO health study” to validate the models of ultrafine dust developed in the study. Read more

The mouse sniffs clean air: Hawa Dawa at the “Door Opener Day” of the show “Sendung mit der Maus”

As part of the WDR campaign “Hallo Zukunft #mitdermaus” (Hello Future), Hawa Dawa opened the doors to Munich children and their accompanying persons who wanted to find out more about “clean air”. With around 30 children, the event was fully booked, and all mouse fans were able to inform themselves in detail about the questions about air pollution/air quality.

The focus was on mouse fans aged 5 to 11 years. At the time of registration, they submitted many questions, which Hawa Dawa addressed in varied formats during the event: After a short introduction to the topic, the children took part in three workshops with different focuses. Read more

ISO 9001:2015 audit successfully passed

With a certificate from TÜV Süd, we successfully completed the audit in September to prove the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015. As a young company, we are proud to demonstrate our quality management. Together with the accuracy of the measurement results confirmed by TÜV (more on this here), this is an essential step for us to prove to our customers the safety of a technology partner – not only competent – but also independently tested and confirmed. Read more

New Head of Sales Public Sector at Hawa Dawa: Martin Montag takes over the leadership of the growing sales team

Hawa Dawa has been strengthened since September 1 by the experienced sales expert Martin Montag. As Head of Sales Public Sector, he is responsible for the business with municipal customers and the public sector. He takes over the leadership of the Hawa Dawa team for direct sales. Read more

Chiara Katzlmaier: New Head of Partner Management

Chiara Katzlmaier has been Head of Partner Management at Hawa Dawa since 1 April 2021. In this position, she is responsible for developing and expanding the partner network both nationally and internationally. Chiara Katzlmaier thus takes over a sub-area within the field of responsibility of Frank Felten, to which she reports directly.

“I am very pleased to have won Ms Katzlmaier as an important reinforcement for our team. Partner growth is an essential part of our strategy. We want to grow together with our partners and drive innovation,” explains Frank Felten.

Chiara Katzlmaier adds: “Air quality affects all areas of our lives. This fact creates a large number of joint business opportunities with our partners. I am very much looking forward to realizing this enormous potential with our partners.” Chiara Katzlmaier can look back on successful positions in partner and program management of technology-oriented companies in an international environment

Michael Tomczak joined as Chief Financial Officer – lifting Hawa Dawa to the next level

In January 2021, Michael Tomczak joined as Chief Financial Officer at Hawa Dawa GmbH. Michael, a graduate of the Wharton School, has a business background with a focus on finance and accounting. Having worked in those fields for over two decades, the last 12 years of which in private equity in the German speaking world, he will contribute his experience in small and medium-sized services, industrial and software businesses to the startup environment of Hawa Dawa. We warmly welcome Michael to the team and look forward to jointly continue growing and lifting Hawa Dawa to the next level – integrating data-driven air quality insights into the mainstream of decision making.

Dorothee Bär, German Minister of State for Digitalisation: Hawa Dawa provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses


In an interview for RESPOND, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Dorothee Bär, Minister of State for Digitalisation,  said: “The fact that sustainability and digitization can work very well together is also demonstrated by your ‘Tech for Good’ projects. I’m thinking of the RESPOND startup Hawa Dawa from Munich, for example, which makes air quality visible. It provides an important tool for those responsible in cities and businesses to reduce air pollution….” In her intro, she referred to the federal government’s goal of taking sustainability and digitization into account in all strategies. According to Dorothee Bär, the German sustainability strategy is based on two principles:

  • use the numerous opportunities of digitization for sustainability
  • avoid risks to people and the environment

Watch the full interview here


Winter in Germany

The winterly weather conditions made the difference in handling and convenience particularly obvious. While tube collectors require a lot of manual handling – including collecting them one-by-one – the Hawa Dawa solution delivers the air quality information conveniently to your desk.
This is only one of the benefits. Additionally, traditional tube collectors deliver one average value of NO2 concentration per month, whereas Hawa Dawa includes PM2.5, PM10 and O3 real-time values at any time.
And the cost? The total cost of ownership for the Hawa Dawa solution is about 50% of the tube collector’s cost.
Contact us to learn more.

New Hawa Dawians grow the team

Two more employees will support our team to meet the growing demand for our products. Yin Ying Ip, currently studying satellite application at the Technical Univerisity of Munich will work as a working student with the software team in developing data processing and geospatial modelling technology.  Rohit Paudel joined Hawa Dawa as Backend Software Engineer developing code that helps Hawa Dawa customers and partners to access and utilize indepth data.

Both combine high-level skills with the commitment to contributing to environmental and social impact.

Welcome to our new Hawa Dawa team members!

Yin Ying Ip

Air Quality is

… essential for well-being.

Rohit Paudel

Air Quality is

…a reason we are alive and thrive, it’s nature.

We are growing: Welcome the new members of the Hawa Dawa Team

We are proud to announce that recently a group of students started to work for Hawa Dawa. They not only bring excellent skills to our workforce, while still being enrolled in university programs but also share the commitment for contributing to environmental and social impact.

Welcome to our new Hawa Dawa team members:

Joshua Entwistle

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… becoming more import as the environment degrades and urban populations get larger.

Nathan Joel

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… key to protecting the planet and making sure that it maintains its natural ecosystems.

Martin Robinson

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering

Air Quality is

… becoming more and more relevant in modern life in regard to out personal and public health.

Thom Holmes

Bachelor of Engineering Software Engineering degree at Queen’s University Belfast

Air Quality is

… essential to quality of life and a problem that needs improved in industrialised areas

Karim Hartmann

Master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering and Management at TUM

Air Quality is

…the forgotten sibling of food and water quality. Shedding light on air quality is the first and essential step in taking life-improving measures.

Desmond Molloy

MSc in Data science at City, University of London

Air Quality is

…often overlooked in decisionmaking, at national and local levels.

Pia Baronetzky

Master in Mathematics

Air Quality is

…something I have always taken for granted here in Germany until a few years ago. I was wrong. Clean air is very important for our health, all over the world.

Pia Wendlinger

International Business Studies at the University of applied sciences in Kufstein

Air Quality is

… vital and a good that should be “used” by everyone with care.