Urban Planning & City Management

Your Benefits

Raise attraction and increase the competitiveness of your city as a smart, modern and caring place to attract businesses and citizens

  • Get air quality information from various sources compiled into one source of truth
  • Enhance local granularity and coverage with affordable IoT devices
  • Get information and a deeper understanding by correlating air quality data with impacting factors, e.g. weather, traffic
  • Detect hotspots, reoccurring patterns and root causes using historical information
  • Develop, simulate and apply improvement measures in different application fields, e.g. in land use, allocation of facilities and plants, district development, traffic management, health care, leisure


Increase city attractiveness for citizens and businesses

  • How should air pollution data affect decisions in urban planning?
  • How to use air quality information for eco-sensitive management of urban infrastructure?

Avoid violations of regulatory air thresholds

  • How to monitor alarming trends and anticipate critical situations?
  • How to evaluate and establish effective countermeasures timely?