Eco-Sensitive Traffic Management

Your Benefits

Take proactive and dynamic measures to avoid threshold violations

  • Easily integrate digital air quality data in traffic management systems
  • Visualise air quality heatmaps aside of current traffic status and cover your area of responsibility fully.
  • Take traffic management actions based on real-time information on critical events: pollution hotspots, peaks
  • Take your decisions about how to balance traffic volumes and air quality fact-driven. And use data as a basis for pre-defining scenarios to  handle re-occurring critical situations
  • Get highly granular air quality measurements for facilities and points of interest, which you identified as critical and sensible
  • Enhance citizen information and participation by promoting air quality friendly transport options in routing and trip planning applications


Avoid hard measures (e.g. driving bans) due to threshold violations in a whole city

  • How to Identify traffic-related pollution root causes and hotspots?
  • How to deploy air pollution as a decision criteria in traffic management

Minimize traffic-caused air pollution exposure for residents at defined spots

  • How to identify driving situations that have the least impact on air quality?
  • How to reduce air pollution exposure at the spot?