Sustainable Port Ecosystems

Your Benefits

Leverage unbiased air quality facts

  • Understand the mutual impact of your organisation and air pollution
  • Derive thorough insights into sources and correlations
  • Use air quality data to drive fact-based discussions on eco-sensitive logistics
  • Quantify your contribution to air quality improvements and collect digital air quality data for the whole harbour ecosystem
  • Manage compliance with new regulations in container shipping accountability for reducing greenhouse & air pollution emissions ​
  • Leverage air quality data for developing innovative schedules of fees, new emission standards and data-based compensation schemes and/or bonus systems
  • Communicate your corporate social responsibility leveraging your contribution to a global air quality network


Manage in- and out-bound logistics flows whilst maintaining maximum efficiency and the lowest environmental impact

Translate national, global and regional standards into port & logistics operations in practice

  • How to manage, quantify and optimise portside and incoming logistics emissions?
  • How to demonstrate your commitment to achieving higher sustainability, digitisation of processes and ‘port of the future’ status?
  • How to efficiently handle the vast amount of available data and derive actionable information?