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…is to push environmental data into the mainstream of decision-making and to unlock unlimited clean air for cities, businesses and citizens. Hawa Dawa aims to make the invisible visible: we form the first link of a new digital knowledge network to steer and activate resilient and climate-neutral cities.

Our primary focus is to facilitate the use of meaningful environmental data in decision-making. We compile air quality data from all available sources, from satellites to ground-based public measurement stations to IoT sensors and correlate them with use case-specific data, e.g. traffic.  These insights are made available on intuitive dashboards, commented APIs and deep-dive analytic reports. Our data cover the full scope from historical to real-time to predictive data and simulations.

We deploy state-of-the-art sensor technology, IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud services to deliver A-grade air quality data in high spatial and temporal resolution.

Our international team comprises engineers, software and data analysts, sensor, satellite and traffic modelling experts as well as business folk and is  committed to realising this vision. Together we are pushing the frontiers of machine learning and sensor technologies to produce innovative new data products and services for our customers.

Our Management Team

Karim Tarraf

Karim Tarraf

CEO and Managing Director, Co-founder

Karim is responsible for leading the overall vision and developing our core business activities with partners.

Birgit Fullerton

Birgit Fullerton

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Birgit has a PhD in neuroscience and carries many years of work experience in health sciences and epidemiological research.

Yvonne Rusche

Yvonne Rusche

Head of HR and Co-Founder

Yvonne is responsible for finance and controlling as well as for recruiting, team development and strategic planning.

John Dziersk

John Dziersk

Head of Hardware Development

John is responsible for scaling our hardware capabilities and taking our technology to a new level. He brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of sensor development from his background in industrial IoT.

Chiara Katzlmaier

Chiara Katzlmaier

Head of Partner Management

Chiara is fully dedicated to grow our partner network and establish prosperous business partnerships.

Barbara Loferer

Barbara Loferer

Head of Program Management & Communications

Barbara manages programs and communications for enabling and supporting Hawa Dawa‘s growth. Drawing on her comprehensive B2B experience, her strategic approach helps strengthen Hawa Dawa’s market positioning and brand awareness.

Martin Montag

Martin Montag

Head of Sales Public Sector

Martin is in charge of Hawa Dawa’s business with the public sector. He works with cities on eye-level to understand their needs and to find the optimum solution to support their goals.


We are a highly specialised international team, experts in both data modelling and analysis and hardware development

We offer a full service to help our customers navigate through and apply our environmental data

We are a young and agile team challenging the status quo through a new commodity of environmental data

Our interdisciplinary team combines comprehensive expertise in traffic management, smart city, healthcare, epidemiology and statistics, big data, AI and machine learning, sensor technology, and project management. More information here

Hawa Dawa Team

Our Values

  • enthusiastic and proficient
    We burn for what we do. With full commitment, we deploy all our experience and our top-class, interdisciplinary expertise.
  • Icon of a star
    disruptive and reliable
    Our solutions are not only innovative but also disruptive. This applies to our technology just as much as it does to our claim to sustainably improve the world while also pursuing new approaches. To accomplish this, we work reliably and long-term with our business partners.
  • Icon of shaking hands
    ambitious and cooperative
    We have high demands on ourselves and our projects. The success of our customers is our success. An open and cooperative relationship is our basis for cooperation.
  • Icon of a growing plant
    for environmental health
    We contribute combating a global problem: air pollution. A high-minded, necessary and relevant goal.

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