Group Photo

Karim Tarraf at the Digital Summit in Berlin: Creating digital value together

The German Digital Gipfel (digital summit) is the central platform for shaping the digital endeavour with all those involved. Representatives of the federal government and key companies of the digital economy will meet at the Digital Summit 2022 on 8 and 9 December. Our CEO, Karim Tarraf,  is there together with the other members of the Beirat Junge Digital Wirtschaft.

The focus of this year’s summit is the topic of data economy. This year, the Digital Gipfel, with its extensive network, will focus on the question of how the data economy, as a driver of digital transformation, can increase the opportunities of digitalisation. Events, exhibits and showcases will inspire stakeholders to make the world more efficient and sustainable with the help of digital technologies and data-based applications.

With the mission of “Creating digital value together”, the potential of networked data is to be used for the challenges of our time – from innovation and competitiveness to smart, safe and sustainable mobility to the working world of tomorrow.