Esri ArcGis showing Hawa Dawa data

Hawa Dawa environmental data integrated into Esri ArcGIS

An essential addition for Esri users

Hawa Dawa now offers an integration of the collected environmental data into Esri ArcGIS. For Esri users, this is a convenient way to use this data in the familiar Esri environment.

Hawa Dawa has developed an output format specially tailored to Esri ArcGIS in close cooperation with Esri. Users with an existing Esri ArcGIS access can now easily integrate the Hawa Dawa environmental data directly into ArcGIS via a GeoJSON layer and use it there.

Hawa Dawa provides a particular interface (API) for this purpose. A guide clearly describes the few steps necessary for integration and enables integration without further programming knowledge.

Frank Felten, Chief Product Officer at Hawa Dawa, explains: “Similar to spatial data, which in many areas is already an integral part of today’s administration, environmental data can now also be used in the same, familiar Esri working environment. Thanks to close cooperation with Esri experts, we have succeeded in developing a solution that generates real user benefits due to its simplicity of use.”

For more information on the Hawa Dawa Esri API, contact