Infographic. Data becomes relevant information

Hawa Dawa data products turn environmental data into relevant information for citizens and administrations

Environmental impacts have become an integral part of the “urban development and traffic planning” field of action. Heat waves and increased traffic volumes are just two of the many effects of climate change and urbanization that make the topic of “environment” even more critical.

For concretely considering environmental influences in planning and decision-making, relevant environmental data must be reliable and available at all times.

Hawa Dawa data products enable essential environmental information to be considered in urban and traffic planning, used in traffic management, and for reducing the exposure risk.

Through interface products (APIs)/data services, Hawa Dawa data can be used easily and consistently across departments or units. Use air quality data in your familiar environment, e.g. Hawa Dawa air quality information is accessible via an Esri layer.

Pre-built information widgets on environmental and health information allow direct integration into your website or City App. (Air Quality Index Widget; Health Widget).

Our experts will advise you on quickly and easily integrating environmental data into your existing infrastructure.