World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day has been celebrated since 5 June 1972. On this day, the first World Environment Conference was held in Stockholm and World Environment Day was officially established by the United Nations Environment Programme. In the meantime, the day has gained international significance, as it is formally commemorated in over 150 countries. Germany has also been participating since 1976. Environment Day aims to raise awareness of human’s responsibility for nature, promote the sustainable development of the environment, and actively involve society in the struggle to preserve and improve the environment.

Every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is dedicated to a specific environmental theme. Not only is the theme of World Environment Day adapted, but since 1987, the centre of this activity has been moved annually to a different host country. The host country for 2022 is Sweden. This year’s campaign motto is “Only One Earth” and focuses on the theme of “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. As the host country, Sweden will present the achievements for the environment over the last 50 years. In cooperation with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), these innovations will be presented in various reports and videos that will be published online. Germany has chosen its motto: “Naturally protect the climate: Preserve peatlands, forests and oceans!”

Around World Environment Day, schools, companies, and associations have several campaigns in Germany. The themes of World Environment Day are intended to encourage people to do more for the environment. Humans themselves threaten the diversity and stability of their environment. So, through joint efforts, it is possible, albeit difficult, to meet the challenges of today, protect the earth and create a better future.

What good can we do for the environment?

We have a responsibility to our environment, and by adjusting our behaviour in everyday life, we can protect it.
Reduce your CO2 emissions:

  • Walk or use your bicycle instead
  • Buy sustainable food
  • Try to create less waste
  • Save water