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Hawa Dawa wins two European capitals for modern and efficient air quality monitoring

Hawa Dawa will establish AI-based IoT measurement networks in two European capitals. Both orders were placed in March.

The clients pursue independently the goal of going beyond the retrospective reporting required by EU law: The digitally available, near-real-time data on air quality will form the basis for improving the quality of life in these cities. For this purpose, Hawa Dawa’s solution provides the necessary data basis based on actionable information.

In an initial test phase, experience with the new type of database and its integration into existing systems will be gathered before being adopted for regular operation.

Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector at Hawa Dawa, explains: “We see more and more enquiries from European cities about how the topic of air quality can be actively dealt with. Cities see a strong need to ensure clean air as a key factor for the citizens’ quality of life and the attractiveness of the city as a location in the future. The existing public measuring stations are an important part of this, but they are insufficient to improve air quality across the board and sustainably through suitable measures.”