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Collaboration of Hawa Dawa and Thies Clima: The joint solution provides essential insights into the relationship between weather and air quality

Hawa Dawa and Thies Clima, which has been developing and producing sensors, measurement, and evaluation systems for meteorological and climatological measurement tasks for over 75 years, are entering into a partnership to offer customers a one-stop solution that allows them to analyse relationships between weather and air quality.

Weather conditions such as wind, humidity, and temperature – along with pollutant emitters – are among the most critical factors influencing air quality. They not only affect how air pollutants are distributed, whether they are concentrated near the ground or whether they are transported away from their point of origin, but also additionally influence interactions of the pollutants. Information on air pollution, on the one hand, and extreme weather situations, on the other, is also becoming increasingly important in protecting citizens.

In initial joint customer projects in the traffic environment, the partners have already demonstrated the benefits of this complete solution from a single source: The data on temperature, air pressure, wind and precipitation determined by the Thies devices can be viewed by users directly on the Hawa Dawa dashboards together with the air quality data measured by Hawa Dawa. They are available for correlation analyses and form the basis for area-wide dispersion modelling of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Through the partnership, customers now can obtain data from Thies devices as “Data as a Service” directly through Hawa Dawa.

Frank Felten, Chief Product Officer at Hawa Dawa, explains: “Weather conditions have a significant influence on air quality. We are all familiar with typical (inversion) weather conditions that lead to smog and particulate matter alerts. We also know that ozone is the product of nitrogen oxides under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, it was a logical step for us to include data on the local weather situation in our solution. We are pleased to have started the collaboration with Thies Clima, a partner that has decades of experience and stands for state of the art technology.”

Dr Christoph Peper, Managing Director of Thies Clima, adds, “We are pleased to contribute with our high-quality measurement technology to Hawa Dawa’s ability to generate even more meaningful data for this increasingly important local air quality measurement.”

About Thies Clima

Thies Clima is a medium-sized company that develops, produces, and sells sensors and complete systems for meteorology and environmental measurement technology worldwide. In all earth and climate regions, Thies precision measuring instruments provide the basis for recording weather data and contribute to making climate changes measurable and traceable. More information here

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