Hawadawa report on air pollutants

Threshold Report on Air Pollutants

Hawa Dawa offers a new regular report on compliance with legal limit values, which compares the current measured values with the legal requirements in a comprehensive manner and presents trends per measuring station and air pollutant. 

The Threshold Report evaluates the pollution levels measured by official measurement stations against the legally binding thresholds for particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. The monthly report is published retrospectively for the last 12 months and thus provides information on the so-called “floating average” defined in the regulation. The evaluation is done monthly and contains the respective data for the last 12 months, and the maximum permitted number of exceedances of threshold values per year. The report additionally indicates tendencies for each pollutant. 

The Threshold Report facilitates checking compliance with legal limits and directs attention to areas where issues exist or might come up. As the report shows the data in figures and visually, it is quick and easy to read.  

This reporting feature replaces time-consuming manual compiling compilation and analysis of pollutant values and ensures person-independent consistent quality and timeliness. Employees spend less time in the examination and gain freedom for action planning. 

The Threshold Report will be made available in all Hawa Dawa Premium Dashboards. 

Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector, explains: “The Threshold Report not only efficiently presents a clear retrospective comparison of the measured values with the legal limit values but also enables those responsible to react at an early stage based on identified tendencies and thus avoid critical situations. Shortly, we will expand this service and also provide a comparison with the new WHO guideline values.” 

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