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Hawa Dawa joins the Esri Partner Network: Easy access and new opportunities to use environmental data

Hawa Dawa is excited to announce it has joined the Esri Partner Network. Esri is the the global leader in location intelligence.

The partnership and ensuing integration will enable municipal customers to use Hawa Dawa air quality data directly in their existing Esri ArcGIS applications. This not only provides ease of use in a familiar environment, but also opens up new possibilities for correlating air quality information with municipal data or third-party data already available in the Esri ArcGIS ecosystem. 

“We are looking forward to jointly bringing new and innovative solutions to municipal customers through the partnership with Esri. By providing easy-to-use data access and new possibilities for correlating air quality information with existing municipal data or third-party data, customers can take full advantage of new types of data and comprehensive and contextual visualisation capabilities”, said Chiara Katzlmaier, Head of Partner Management at Hawa Dawa. 

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