Digitisation, Climate Protection and Sustainability: Chances and Challenges for Cities

Martin Montag, Head of Sales Public Sector, discussed the topic “opportunities of digitisation” in the course of the network meeting “Junge Bürgermeiter*innen”. It is an exciting topic, as municipalities face many challenges and opportunities at the interface of climate protection, sustainability, and digitisation. Here are some spotlights on the topic:

Digitisation – key and engine for a liveable future

Digitisation offers a special opportunity to meet the challenges of climate protection and sustainability. Consistently implemented, digitisation is the key and the engine for a liveable future: environment protection and climate protection at the municipal level are with their central importance a future-oriented use case for municipal digitisation projects – from LoRaWan to the digital twin.

Climate protection – it is more than CO2

The term “greenhouse gases” is often equated with CO2. Thus, important chances are missed. The combating of short-lived climate pollutants, which at the same time improves the air quality, urgently needs to pay more attention.

Sustainability is the responsibility for future generations 

The resource “clean air”, in particular, is of great importance because it does not only already affect the health of risk groups, including children, but it also has long-term consequences on agricultural and commercial yields and thus on the supply base.

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