Mouse Day at HawaDawa Office

The mouse sniffs clean air: Hawa Dawa at the “Door Opener Day” of the show “Sendung mit der Maus”

As part of the WDR campaign “Hallo Zukunft #mitdermaus” (Hello Future), Hawa Dawa opened the doors to Munich children and their accompanying persons who wanted to find out more about “clean air”. With around 30 children, the event was fully booked, and all mouse fans were able to inform themselves in detail about the questions about air pollution/air quality.

The focus was on mouse fans aged 5 to 11 years. At the time of registration, they submitted many questions, which Hawa Dawa addressed in varied formats during the event: After a short introduction to the topic, the children took part in three workshops with different focuses.

In the Hawa Dawa machine shop, the participants were able to experience the importance of gases and fine particles for air quality in practical experiments. The workshop on artificial intelligence focused on mini-robots, and in the third workshop, the children developed behaviours on how to protect clean air and reduce air pollution. Finally, the children devoted themselves to the painting competition with great zeal, also under the motto “Clean Air”. The resulting paintings can be viewed here and can be chosen by Hawa Dawa customers as the motif for the air measuring instruments in the future.

At the same time, the adult accompanying persons in the “Parents Cafe” had the opportunity to deal in more detail with the different aspects of air pollution control and air quality assessment and get to know Hawa Dawa’s solutions.

Special thanks also go to the Impact Hub Munich, where Hawa Dawa is based and whose team actively supported this “door opener”. During the Parents’ Cafe, the adults also showed keen interest in the concept of the Impact Hub, which offers a lively community beyond a co-working space in which a successful balance of entrepreneurial and community-oriented work is promoted.

Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, emphasizes: “As a father of two daughters, I am particularly pleased to see how interested preschool and primary school children are in environmental issues. The success on the Door Opener Day reinforces our conviction that a target-group-oriented preparation of even complex relationships is possible. Just as air quality plays an important role in all areas of our lives, relevant information must also be available to all. Modern technologies and communication approaches make it possible to turn knowledge, which was previously often reserved for academic circles and municipal decision-makers, into understandable information for those affected.”

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