Hawa Dawa wins Munich innovation competition

Convincing solution for the digitisation of NO2 measurements

Hawa Dawa wins Munich Innovation Competition. Hawa Dawa was able to convince the cross-divisional and cross-departmental jury team of the Bavarian capital yesterday with its solution based on a network of cost-effective IoT sensors.

The core of the challenge has been to provide measurement data for the recording of NO2 concentrations that are legally reliable and comply with the legal requirements and provisions of the 39th BImSchV, directly retrievable and of different periods (annual, daily and hourly average values) and that cover the city of Munich as extensively as possible. (More about the innovation competition here)

The solution presented by Hawa Dawa, which is based on a field-proven calibration method, was able to meet all the requirements of the competition.

Karim Tarraf, CEO, explains: “This recognition by the City of Munich is an important milestone. Not only for us as a company, but also for cities that operate their own, denser network for NO2 measurements in addition to the LÜB measuring network of the state offices for the environment (Landestämtern für Umwelt). So far, the analogue passive collectors have been used here, as no suitable digital alternatives were available. In this context, it is no exaggeration to speak of a turning point that will further advance digitization in the public sector. Munich is taking on a pioneering role here, and we are looking forward to working with the state capital.