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Deep Dive Air Quality Data from Hawa Dawa now on HERE Marketplace – Adding eco-sensitivity to your application

Hawa Dawa has added real-time pollutant data, which is available through an API, to the well-established HERE Marketplace. The HERE platforms Marketplace offers secure data exchange, essential location data and technology, and rich ecosystem of partners providing additional content. 

Hawa Dawas API products enhance the value of applications for users by integrating full-coverage air quality information, which is compiled from a comprehensive set of input sources ranging from satellites to groundbased public measurement stations to IoT sensors. 

Hawa Dawa’s data offering is based on a state-of-the-art technology platform, which is operated from a containerised and secure backend. Deployment of AI ensures continuous enhancement of data quality and coverage. Detailed data are available for NO2, Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), and pollen. Additionally, the Hawa Dawa API provides values for CAQI (European Common Air Quality Index) and also serves location- and time-relevant risk information for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as Asthma and COPD.  

Hawa Dawa provides comprehensive API documentation for simple integration into different applications (web, mobile etc.). The company will add more of its portfolio of possibilities to the HERE Marketplace in the coming weeks. Predefined air quality reports and filters will be added as well as interactive software features like hotspot detection, air quality predictions, commuter alerting and eco-sensitive route calculation. Smart API functions facilitate the implementation of interactive use-cases in a wide range of application areas, such as  

  • Traffic management, transport & mobility 
  • urban planning and smart city 
  • health & fitness 
  • real estate 
  • ports & container shipping 
  • finance & insurance

Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, says: “By offering our air quality information on the HERE Marketplace, we want to simplify the access to our compiled air quality data for developers. Air quality is a non-neglectable fact in all areas of human life. Therefore, the number of possible use cases is huge. We trust in the creativity of the developer community to take this opportunity forward and enhance their products with our data and contribute to healthier lives and economic wealth.  

For correlation analytics based on Hawa Dawa data, other data sources from HERE (such as traffic information and traffic analytics) or from the HERE partner ecosystem (e.g. in the space of weather data) can easily be combined.  

“As air quality is relevant for truly everyone, we’re excited to see Hawa Dawa joining the ever-growing list of companies offering their data on the HERE Marketplace which is becoming the one-stop shop for location-based assets in the industry”, said Steve Bonn, Director Business Development, Platform at HERE Technologies. “By having access to real-time pollutant data from Hawa Dawa, developers, data scientists, and business analysts can build and enhance products and services to benefit our health, the environment, and even the economy.” 

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