Hawa Dawa is WSA Winner 2020 – The WSA Top 40 utilise technology with smart content to hack global gaps and to support SDGs

Hawa Dawa is one of the four German start-ups that have been awarded the UN WSA prize. WSA recognises modern technology combined with a social cause and smart content, which not only solves problems but enhances equality, information access and inclusion.

The WSA Winners 2020 provide a meaningful selection of worldwide content-driven applications contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs – 40 solutions from 26 countries have been recognised. Hawa Dawa was selected as one of the five the best digital solution globally in the category “Smart Settlement & Urbanisation”.

The WSA Winner’s 2020 list is manifold. Focusing foremost on content and impact in their local communities, not only the technical finesse and design, WSA assembled international experts from all regions and fields to select the 40 winners. The final jury phase concluded in an on-site three-days meeting 43 high-level international experts, deciding in a democratic and transparent process on the most powerful and content-rich solutions 2020.

“The WSA Winners combine two major focus points – the commitment to the UN SDGs and solving societies issues with smart content application. Evaluated by an international expert Jury in 2 stages – a multi-stakeholder college unique in terms of diversity and background – the 40 WSA Winners have been tried for sustainability, aim, technical and strategic finesse. This year’s challenges show more than ever how much digital means can offer progress and solutions. This year’s WSA Winners present a wonderful showcase of purpose-driven innovation and entrepreneurship”, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa says: “We are delighted and feel incredibly honoured by this award, which is also a great appreciation for our mission to leverage the latest technology for enabling healthy air for anybody anywhere. We are proud to be part of the group of four German start-ups, which also have been recognised with this award in their respective categoriy after they passed the national preselection process of WSA Germany. I send my congratulations to CUREosity-mobile, HPI Schul-Cloud and  Operaize – Cognitive Operations. Four winners from one country – this is a strong sign that Germany is leading in sustainable innovation.”

About WSA

The WSA is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). WSA is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches digital-driven social impact community in over 180 countries. WSA highlights digital content improving society and focusses on local content with global relevance.

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