Hawa Dawa and Bernard Group enter into a partnership

Hawa Dawa and the Munich-based Bernard Group, an internationally operating family-owned engineering services company, which has been considered an expert in traffic censuses and analysis for decades, are partnering to provide their customers with a solution that allows them to analyse the correlation between traffic and air quality.

 The joint solution builds on the established devices of both companies for traffic counting or air pollutant measurement, respectively. It enables a correlation of local traffic data with air quality data. In this way, valuable information is generated from the two data sources, and the data is related to each other. Based on this information, concrete decisions and actions can be derived. On the one hand, more profound insights into the influence of traffic on air quality at specific locations are created; on the other hand, patterns and measures for critical scenarios can be identified. The goal is to use data and analyses for creating a comprehensive mapping of the complex interrelationships between air quality, transport and climate in an intuitive way, and to achieve efficiency gains in the development and implementation of intelligent measures to improve air quality.

The results are shared and integrated in an application-specific way on an intuitive dashboard or via an API.

Frank Felten, Head of Product and Partner Management at Hawa Dawa, explains: “We have signed a partnership agreement that allows both parties to distribute the solution mentioned above to customers. The system is already in place in a German state capital. Thanks to the partnership, the joint solution is now also available to all existing customers of our two companies and can be easily supplemented in ongoing contracts.”

About the Bernard Group

The BERNARD Group is an independent, specialised and internationally operating engineering services company. The companies of the BERNARD Group are permanently present at 18 locations worldwide, including Munich, Vienna and Hall in Tyrol. In addition, international projects are implemented in close cooperation with local partners. In this way, projects in more than 40 countries of more than 400 employees have already been implemented. All interdisciplinary companies of the BERNARD Group are active in the fields of energy, industry, infrastructure and mobility, always according to the motto “Engineers with responsibility” (www.bernard-gruppe.com).

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