City of Ulm

City of Ulm selects technology of Hawa Dawa

Hawa Dawa becomes part of the project zukunftskommune@bw in the city of Ulm

Hawa Dawa was awarded the contract within the public tender for the procurement of LoRaWan-capable air/climate sensors in the Eselsberg project area in the city of Ulm. Hawa Dawa will install a network of several Sentience air quality measurement devices, develop a comprehensive display from the measured values and feed the data via API into the Ulm data platform, which is currently under construction. The data will be made available as open IoT data.

Hawa Dawa is thus contributing to the pilot project “Air/Climate Measurements on the Eselsberg” as part of the zukunftskommune@bw funding project, which was approved by the Ulm municipal council at the end of 2019. The pilot project aims to establish a small measuring network of sensors for the first time in a district of the city of Ulm and thus lay the foundation stone of its own IoT air and climate time series data, which is open to all. The project will be accompanied by information and exchange formats for the public and the administration. The overall objective of the project is the participatory development of an open and central data platform by September 2021, which will be a new urban infrastructure and thus the basis for digital services and solutions in various application areas.

Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, said: “The city of Ulm is certainly leading the way with this project. In the spirit of ‘Smart City for Smart Citizens’, Ulm focuses on the participation of citizens. Air quality has an impact on many areas of life, from health to mobility to the general quality of life. We are pleased that Ulm is specifically adding air quality to the project, thus showing that Ulm attaches importance to the implementation of high resolution air/climate data in urban development in times of climate change. Our products form an ideal basis to meet these requirements.”

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