What we should learn for air quality from measures to curb the Corona virus

In his article published in Ends Europe, Richard Weyndling cites European experts as well as health and environmental activists who agree that the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on air quality in Europe demonstrates the case for tougher action on pollution. Greenpeace Spain yesterday published data showing that NO2 levels in Barcelona and Madrid have fallen significantly since restrictions on movement were put in place on 15 March. The average NO2 level from monitoring stations across Madrid, for example, fell from over 60 µg/m3 on 10 March to 15 µm/m3 a week later.

Among others, Zoltan Massay-Kosubek from the European Health Authority is quoted: “Although stopping most transports from one day to the next is not a sustainable way to reduce pollution, we must avoid returning to the same pre-crisis levels of pollution once the epidemic has ended. The link between air pollution-related diseases and the suffering and death of coronavirus patients is a strong reminder to all of us that health should prevail at all times and we are clearly rethinking our transport system. must.”

Learn more about Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

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Video source: Euro News 
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