Environmental Impact – A Well-Recognized Business Model: Hawa Dawa among the winners of three events within two weeks

Hawa Dawa positioned itself among the winners of three important events in Germany within only two weeks: 1st place at the Maritime Startup Night at the SeaDevCon event in Hamburg (more here), 1st place at the Bits & Pretzels event in Munich and with that also recognized with the Munich Start-up Award (more here) and finally 3rd place at the Perfect Match start-up competition in Herne. At all events, Hawa Dawa’s presentation was built on their expertise in managing air quality data considering the full range of available sources – terrestrial as well as satellite data, including proprietary IoT measurement devices (“Sentience”) and sophisticated data calibration and data analysis. Every event had a dedicated focus. Hawa Dawa convinced with the relevance of the processed data for the dedicated applications in focus. At SeaDevCon Karim Tarraf, CEO and co-founder demonstrated how Hawa Dawa’s easy and intuitive processing of global air quality & GHG emissions data, combined with innovative financing techniques could help the shipping industry reduce its GHG emissions effectively. The presented concept resonated particularly well with shipping companies and harbour management. Janina Stork, Head of Sales, focused on air quality management in cities at the Perfect Match competition in Herne and was able to connect to many players in city management and municipal utilities management. And finally, Yvonne Rusche, CFO and co-founder, presented at Bits & Pretzels, which had the most comprehensive reach from hi-tec to social and environmental movements. The gained recognition in such a short period and across this wide field of applications demonstrates the broad range of relevant use cases for Hawa Dawa’s proprietary technology stack. Yvonne Rusche comments: “As founders of Hawa Dawa, we sense that we are bringing the right technology, team and mindest to a fast-growing market. We are happy to see that our work – despite initial doubts – is now unfolding its potential. We do hope that these awards are a sign of a paradigm shift and an indication of genuine commitments and actions – not just words – towards true actions. The Bits & Pretzel startup competition motto “show – don’t tell” should also be the benchmark for investors, corporates, policymakers and finally event organisers and not just the competing startups. There is still a long way to go.”

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