Hawa Dawa Board of Advisors

Hawa Dawa Forms Board of Advisors to Consult on Strategic Growth Initiatives

Hawa Dawa has established a Board of Advisors to provide strategic advice and expertise to help accelerate growth. Its first three appointments are Martin Herkommer, expert for communications, public relations and lobbying, Jason Maroothynaden, space industry expert and access to finance specialist working at the European Space Agency, and Andreas M. Rickert, CEO and Founder PHINEO. The Board of Advisors will aid in advancing Hawa Dawa’s strategy to become a leading provider for air quality management in the global marketplace. Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, explains: “All three members bring a comprehensive range of skills and experience to our company that will assist in positioning us for sustained, accelerated growth. Together, they provide a diversified set of skills, supported by strong networks, that will help us navigate the challenges we face implementing our growth goals. I am happy all three decided to join our Board of Advisors, and I look forward to a vital exchange of ideas with these experts.” Hawa Dawa plans to have regular meetings with the Board of Advisors and establish direct contacts with the Hawa Dawa team for dedicated and project based advice.

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