CleanAir Network – Hawa Dawa is committed to research and collaboration on air quality

A network of research institutions and industrial partners to co-develop solutions to address the problem of particulate matter

Hawa Dawa is an active member of the CleanAir Innovation Network – an expert platform has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) within the Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ZIM). CleanAir has set itself the goal of connecting competencies in the fields of identification, analysis and reduction of particulate matter and to facilitate the development of products and mechanisms that contribute to clean and healthy air. Hawa Dawa joined the CleanAir Network by invitation from the network’s management, who sees  Hawa Dawa’s expertise particularly in the areas of pollutant identification and analysis. Within the network, the company cooperates with renowned universities and research institutes as well as other businesses (; truly interdisciplinary teams working towards solutions to address the particulate matter problem. With the objective of developing marketable products and mechanisms for the identification, analysis and reduction of particulate matter, the network aims to map the entire value chain. This broad network of expert knowledge also helps illuminate and better explain the issue of fine particulate and dust from a range of perspectives. As a next step, the technological elements of possible solutions are examined. Florian Lintl, Manager of the CleanAir Innovation Network, explains: “Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Within the framework of the CleanAir Innovation Network, we were able to bring together numerous renowned experts from academia and business to work together on innovation projects and develop solutions to this challenge. I am very pleased that we were able to win Hawa Dawa GmbH for this network. Through their expertise in the field of strategically placed sensor networks, data analysis using machine learning methods and the visualisation of this data, Hawa Dawa plays an interesting role in the network, focusing on measurement technology and modelling. Simultaneously, the company is able to make this data available to decision-makers and thus lay the foundation for innovative business models. There are still some gaps in knowledge in the area of air pollution. The technology of Hawa Dawa, i.e. the continuous and comprehensive measurement of emissions; especially where people dwell for long periods of time, is an important basis for building a better understanding of how emissions affect the environment and people. Their high-resolution analysis allows for a better understanding of the local negative effects and the chance to take appropriate measures.” Karim Tarraf, CEO of Hawa Dawa, confirms: “To date, the results of recording air pollution data have been discussed often exclusively at the scientific level. Only through converting these findings into actual solutions and measures can improvement be achieved. For this, concrete, objective and sound decision-making is required. Furthermore, the topic of Air Quality is complex and requires a holistic approach. As digitalisation progresses, boundaries between different areas of responsibility become blurred but manageable and the interfaces between these must allow for optimal data exchange. For so-called “smart applications” – i.e. applications that collect data, respond to respective developments and changes and communicate the results to other services or a user – data is required to be accessible in real-time and via appropriate interfaces. Our team of experts at Hawa Dawa is focused on the contextual analysis of environmental data: on the one hand, we support decision-makers with clear insights and on the other hand, can provide important tools to develop novel, smart applications for tackling air quality.

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